Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wake up PCMC,PMC and PMPML

Hi reader,
It's been ages since I have written something that I feel strongly about. If you are a reader from out of India, especially Pune city, you may not identify with this new post! But if you feel like still reading, do continue!
Recently, I read in the Pune Mirror that there are presently 20 lakh vehicles running on the roads of Pune! And Pune's roads are built to handle only 8 lakh vehicles!!!! How appalling this is! WHAT was the RTA in Pune doing? Sleeping? What's even more shocking that only 1200 buses are plying on Pune roads compared to the 2500 buses actually required!
A recent article in the Times of India focused on the efforts taken by PMPML to purchase new buses to cater to the ever increasing number of traveling passengers...but I am very skeptical about the same. There are talks about feasibility study of Metro rail in Pune which was successful but the plan is facing roadblocks! An efficient public transport system is the need of the hour...
PCMC, PMC and PMPML must sit together...and ensure that this becomes a reality! Ensure that the Metro rail is implemented quickly, increase the number of buses and so on...
Also, PMPML needs to introduce electronic display boards in its buses to increase visibility, the route information to be displayed in English, Hindi & Marathi and many more! Doesn't PMPML want to make its transport system passenger-friendly?
PCMC,PMC and PMPML...wake something!!!!... Don't have this callous attitude towards the citizens of Pune?
Reader, what do you think? Please leave your comments!.....

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

the Solution to suffering!

Hi friends,
U may be thinking, when the whole world now is focussing on global warming and other issues, why this fellow is talking about spirituality? it has no connection with the problems we are facing!
we need to ask ourselves why have we put ourselves in this mess? if we had thought of the long term effects of our actions and hadtaken steps to avert these problems, we would never have been in this predicament......this all points to ignorance! we also need to look at the growing violence....look at the Israel-palestine conflict, sunni-shia clash in Iraq, Darfur....bigotry and what not!
the only solution i believe to these problems is realising the truth that we are humans first....and here steps in is a process of knowing who you really are, spreading love and peace everywhere ......knowing that we are made in the image of God....we are one with Him.! i know there are many atheists out there...and people who think that this is just a form of escapism...not accepting problems.....running away!
On the contrary, spirituality broadens one's perspective about life provided one has the right guidance in the form of true unbiased teaching or a is a way of life! It helps one to face challenges in life bravely and taking steps to overcome those problems....understanding people at a very deep level..... and so on.....
What are your thoughts? Please post your opinions....